The Acorn System 4

The Acorn System 4

The Acorn System 4 was the third in a series of 'proper' computers with screen & keyboard, they comprised Eurocard sized boards housed in 19" Vero Card Frame.  The System 4 was a double height Vero Card Frame allowing the fitting of two floppy disk drives, it only came in one version: a full spec System 4A.

The System 4A comprised:    

Optional extras:

It only came assembled and tested (£1525)

"The System 4 is housed in a double height rack with facilities for up to 14 Eurocards. The basic system has as standard two floppy disk drives, power supplies, card frame buffered backplane, 6502 CPU, VDU interface, 16K RAM and disk controller. A DOS controls both disk drives, and a disk with utilities programs including disk copy is supplied with each system.

The system illustrated has the additional audio cassette interface, 32K bytes of RAM and serial and parallel interfaces via the Versatile Interface Board. Also shown are an Analogue to Digital converter, a PROM blower for 16 pin fusible link and 24-pin UV erasable devices and an In Circuit Emulator used in the development of other microcomputer systems.

The System 4 is not available as a kit."

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