The Analogue Interface Board

Acorn System Analogue Interface

"The analogue interface card offers the Acorn system user laboratory standard facilities for the examination and control of analogue signals. It is a 100mm x 160mm Eurocard and connects to the standard Acorn bus using a 64 way indirect connector.

The following devices are used:

The board also has single bit digital input and output signals, enabling a storage oscilloscope or X - Y recorder to be driven directly by the analogue outputs, using the digital output for the z axis (beam on/off or pen down/up) and the input for interrupt control.

ADC conversion rates:     12 bit up to 10,000 conversion/sec

8/10 bit up to 25,000 conversion/sec

Connections                     8 analogue inputs          ) -5.12V

2 analogue outputs        ) to +5.11V

Digital input                                                          ) TTL

Digital input/output                                                ) level

10.24V reference output

All interleaved with reference ground lines."





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