The PROM Programmer Board

Acorn System PROM Programmer

"This board connects to the standard Acorn bus and may be used to program bipolar PROM's of the 74S571 type and PROM's types 2758, 2516, 2716 and 2532. i.e. 5V only 1K, 2K and 4K byte devices.

Supplied with the board is a technical manual which includes an assembly listing of a 1½K byte program allowing device type selection, copying of a ROM's contents into RAM, verification of a ROM's contents against RAM and the blowing of a ROM to match the RAM's contents. A cyclic redundancy check is performed on ROM's giving a signature identifying different ROM data. The program requires that an Acorn Operating System of the system 2, 3 or 4 type is present.

The programming board is longer than the usual Acorn Eurocard so that the two Low Insertion Force ROM sockets are accessible from the front of the system. If desired this extra piece of board can be removed and connections to sockets on a remote panel can be made.

A +12V supply is required for 74S571 devices and a +26V supply is required for the EPROMS."


Its interesting to note the similarities between this circuit and the MK14 PROM Blower Manual.







The PROM Programmer Board can be used with either Acorn's original PROMER application, as listed in the Technical Manual, or my enhanced version PROMER2.

Details of both applications can be found here: Promer.


Data Sheets:

Replica Board:

I have made a replica of this board details of which can be found here:


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