Change Log

  Date    Change
1/12/2020 Website completely updated.
17/12/2020 Updated System COS files COS.ca65 and added Atom COS files Atom COS.ca65.
20/12/2020 Added PROMs and EPROMs page.
28/12/2020 Added Softy 1 page.
15/1/2021 Added my PROMER version 2 PROM Programmer Board firmware.
22/1/2021 Added SB-Assembler formatted firmware source code for the MK14.
9/2/2021 DOS Utilities added to DOS page.
10/3/2021 Added Replica Softy 1 Page.
21/3/2021 Changed all references to Mk14 to MK14 !
28/3/2021 Updated PROM data sheets to versions with programming info.
22/5/2021 Added page on the 8271, Acorn and 3.5" Floppy Disks: 8271_acorn_3.5_floppies.html.
30/5/2021 Added Softy 1 links detail.
8/7/2021 Replica FDC updated to latest version with 3.5" drive update.
31/7/2021 RAMTest added and PROMER page created.
29/8/2021 Atom pages updated, added Disk Pack and Econet Interface
14/11/2021 System BASIC page updated - manual added, new source code, Atom variant added.
Atom page updated with links to BASIC.
15/11/2021 BASIC Floating Point Extension page updated
ONLIBASIC page added
5/12/2021 Recently acquired Issue 3 VIB Photos added
22/12/2021 System 1 Trainer added.
System 1 Monitor build with applications added.
17/1/2022 Updated Filing Systems to include Econet
Added Atom Econet Node Board and Econet Type 2 Clock/Terminator/Hub details
28/1/2022 Added System 1 Applications including
12/3/2022 Data Sheets page updated
1/5/2022 Added Replica Atom Floppy Disk Controller Board
13/5/2022 Added new page Build Guidance.
18/6/2022 Added Master Computer and Econet Module ADF10
2/7/2022 For Sale page updated, System 1 Trainer Kit and Building a System 1 Trainer page added
25/7/2022 Tesla PROM Programmer Board updated
27/8/2022 System 1 Trainer Kit added to For Sale
30/8/2022 My replica FileStore E01E added
2/9/2022 Added .ssd images for System BASIC and ADE
30/9/2022 FileStore E01E added to For Sale, Master GOTEK added
22/10/2022 Added notes regards link settings to the 6502A CPU Board
27/10/2022 Winchester Disks page added
28/10/2022 Added Replica ASCII Keyboard CAD files
1/11/2022 Added Floppy Drive Selector Board
11/11/2022 Added FileStore E01E Commissioning page
17/11/2022 For Sale page updated (new stock)
21/1/2023 Added new SC/MP Documents Library page
11/2/2023 Website Shop updated
12/2/2023 SEO improvements made, removed spaces and capitilisation from urls
13/2/2023 FileStore E01E SCSI pages updated.
20/2/2023 Provisional pages for the MK14E added
27/4/2023 Quad Disk Drive added
25/5/2023 Laboratory Interface, CU-PRINT, CUBIT,CU-DRAM photos added
26/5/2023 Added Trev Ham 32K RAM + 8K ROM Board
29/5/2023 Control Universal CUDOS Image added
12/6/2023 Added info to Atom page including Atom BBC BASIC Board, added Softy 2 page and some updates to the SC/MP Library
23/6/2023 Added Acorn Econet Bridge, Replica Acorn Econet Bridge, Eurocard Econet Bridge and Eurocard Econet Clock/Terminator/Hub
23/6/2023 Added 14-Slot Unbuffered Backplane.
28/7/2023 Added My Econet System page
31/8/2023 MK14E Mainboard and MK14E VDU Pages updated
5/10/2023 added replica 6502 CPU Board
18/10/2023 MK14E updated
9/11/2023 Programmers page split off from PROMs and EPROMs page
19/11/2023 MK14 page split up because it was getting too long and Version 3 SCIOS added.
24/11/2023 MK14/SCMP Software Library added
24/11/2023 Details on Fast Loaders for MK14 added
21/12/2023 Replica SOFTY 2 page completed.
26/1/2024 MK14E pages updated
15/2/2024 Updated MK14E Backplane and Expansion Boards with new versions.
Added NIBL page.
Added Replica Atom page.
1/3/2024 TL866 Programmer Adapter added
14/4/2024 Added technical manuals for the Analogue Interface Board and Laboratory Interface.
23/4/2024 Replica Atom added


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