Control Universal

Control Universal started as a company around the same time as Acorn (1978) selling Rockwell microcomputer products (AIM65).  They then started selling Acorn products which led to them developing their own CUBE Eurocard computers based around the Acorn System format.  They initially had four CUBE systems: 10, 15, 20 and 25.  They were packaged in a card frame similar to the Acorn Systems and came with a 'high' resolution graphics card, 64K of DRAM, 1 or 2 disk drives and a keyboard.

This first range of CUBE Eurocards, as listed in their 1982 Catalogue, are detailed here - CUBE Eurocards.


Later in the 1980's they developed products that worked with the BBC Computer format, see here - BBC Computer Range.


Over the years the company developed an extensive range of interface cards in the CUBE, format principally for the laboratory/industrial market.  Less detail is available for most of these, for completeness I have included what little info I have found here, Extended CUBE Range.


I have found virtually no information on Control Universal software, the only thing I have is a brochure for their Control ROM:

and I recently obtained an image of CUDOS:

CUDOS Disk Operating System for CUBOS for Tandon Drives [14]


I have some other Control Universal documentation and found a couple of catalogues elsewhere on the web: 

Towards the end of the 80's they started developing a completely new range based around the STE bus called Celeste.  They had an 80188 and 68008 Processor cards together with high res graphics cards, larger memory cards and a disk controller.


What happened to Control Universal after that I don't know ?  It does look like they were around in some shape or form until 2018 when the company was dissolved ?


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