Control Universal Extended CUBE Range

Over time they developed an extensive range of interface cards in the CUBE format principally for the laboratory/industrial market.

 I have found very little information on these products, this list is largely taken from the 1987 Catalogue:


AMP-IO an input conditioning/output amplifier card for use with CUBAN-12B Control Universal AMP-IO

CU-BUSEX a bus extender card

Control Universal CU-BUSEX
CUBE Doublestore a disk controller and EPROM/RAM storage card Control Universal CUBE Doublestore
CUBE-ICE Control Universal CUBE-ICE
CUBE GPIB IEEE IEEE-488 Interface for driving laboratory test and measurement equipment Control Universal CUBE GPIB IEEE-488
CU-MEM Selecta 8x byte wide sockets that can accept each up to 32Kbytes - up to 256Kbytes of EPROM or 64Kbytes of RAM in 16K pages.  Multiple cards allowing up to 1Mbyte in 64 pages. Control Universal CU-MEM Selecta
CUBE Optoisolator provides 16 bidirectional optically isolated digital input/outputs Control Universal Optoisolator
CUPROM II for 8K to 64K 28-pin EPROMs, accommodates both 12.5V and 21V programming voltages Control Universal CUPROM II
CUBE Prototyping Card provides a 6522 with address decoding and prototyping space. Control Universal CUBE Prototyping Card
CUSTOR - no info at all on this card ?  
CUBE TELETEXT 25 rows of 40 columns Teletext format compatible with BBC Mode 7, also includes a printer port Control Universal CUBE TELETXT
CUBE Watchdog 2mS to 32.8s timeout, generates audible alarm and IRQ/NMI or RESET. Control Universal CUBE Watchdog
CY-DRAM - no info on this card ? Control Universal CY-DRAM
EuroCUBE - no info on this card ? I only know it exists because I have this document Interfacing EIA Terminal Equipment to EuroCUBE Serial Ports A4 [0].pdf  
CU INDIO an industrial interface for high current/high voltage input/output.  I have one of these though without any interface modules. Control Universal INDIO
JOBBER can drive a 24-column 2-line LCD display, 24-column printer and 25-way keypad or CU-KEY 99. Control Universal JOBBER
POWER-50 provides 8-channels of opto-isolated outputs capable of switching up to 25V/2Amps Control Universal POWER-50
Card Frame Mounting CRT Monitor - a 5" CRT monitor available with or without keys Control Universal Rack Mounting CRT Monitor
Card Frame Mounting Disk Module - a 3.5" 80 track double sided drive mounted in a 2" wide module. Control Universal Rack Mounting Disk Module
READ-24 provides 16-channels of optoisolated (24V) digital inputs Control Universal READ-24
SERIO provides 2 or 4 channels of RS423 or RS422 at baud rates between 50 and 19,200. Control Universal SERIO
THERM-IO is a 4-channel thermocouple interface for type J or K thermocouples. Control Universal THERM-IO
TRANS-IO is a 4-channel transducer interface for e.g. resistance detectors or strain gauges. Control Universal TRANS-IO

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