2114 Tester

I decided it was worth the effort to build a 2114 RAM Tester as I have a lot of these in various System cards/Atoms etc. as well as a lot more recently purchased from China (via eBay).

Its based on a design by Danjovic (https://github.com/Danjovic/2114-Tester) which uses an Arduino UNO.  I've modified it to work on a Mega 2560 (as I have several of those left over from 3D printer projects).

All you need is an Arduino, prototyping shield, an 18-pin ZIF socket, a couple of LED's, resistors and a push switch.

This design will work stand-alone indicating pass/fail on the LED's.

2114 RAM Tester

and here's the Arduino code (connections are in the header comments):

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