GBS8200 RGB to VGA Converter

I find these converters really useful as I have more LCD PC monitors than PAL and they're small and lighter to move around.

This RGB to VGA adapter is available for about £15 on eBay, mine are V4.0.

This one is boxed it up with a PSU so I can use it with either the System or BBC computers.

GBS8200 RGB to VGA Converter Boxed GBS8200 RGB to VGA Converter Inside GBS8200 RGB to VGA Converter

I've modified my Atom computer so that it also works with the 8200.

 The Atom doesn't have RGB outputs but has two outputs which approximate to Pr and Pb as well as Y (video), with a suitable buffer these can drive the YPbPr inputs of the 8200 and it works fine even though it may not be providing perfect colours.

I've also adapted a GBS8200 converter to fit in an Acorn card frame.  The board itself has had to have several of the connectors removed so that it would fit within the 100mm height of a Eurocard.  Connections have then been made via the onboard connector housings.  The board is then mounted on a recovered prototyping Eurocard.  The circuitry on the Eurocard is just a reed relay which switches the +5V power to the GBS8200 only when +5V is present on the center pin of the RGB connector (usually used to switch SCART), this having been wired as per the BBC Computer standard.

My Eurocard Mounted GBS8200

Front Panel Drilling

RGB to VGA Module Front Panel


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