My Econet System

My Econet System

I have created an Econet Rack which carries my FileStore E01E, an Econet Bridge and two Clock/Terminator/Hubs.

The rack is fitted with a 14-slot Backplane.

Power Supply Vero Monovolt PK30 5V 6A
6HP Panel with power switch
FileStore E01E CPU Board  
FileStore E01E FDC Board (GOTEK version)  
FileStore E01E SCSI Board  
FileStore E01E Econet Board  
Eurocard Clock/Terminator/Hub Net 1
Eurocard Econet Bridge  
Eurocard Clock/Terminator/Hub Net 2
3 spare slots  
FileStore E01E FDC Board (Drives version) storage slot - not connected to bus




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