My Keyboards

Having got fed up with my old data entry keyboard, some of the keys were getting a bit dodgy, I decided to build a version of the original ASCII keyboard.

This can be seen here, Replica ASCII Keyboard, it requires a donor Atom for a case.

My Replica Acorn System Keyboard Uncased PhotoMy Replica Acorn System Keyboard Photo

You can see the Atom case I used was not the best so I was not too concerned about using it.

Having by this time built several System Computers, one keyboard was not really enough and I didn't want to sacrifice any more Atoms so I designed a second keyboard which could be built around a donor Electron which are more widely available and I have less issues with scrapping !, details of this keyboard can be found here ASCII Keyboard (Electron).

My Replica Acorn System Keyboard Electron Version Uncased PhotMy Replica Acorn System Keyboard Electron Version Photo

I actually prefer to use the Electron version as it takes up less space. 

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