The range of programmers available to the hobbyist is limited, other than buying second hand there are not many affordable new options.  Here are the programmers I own/use:

Watford Electronics ADDER Use with the Acorn BBC Computer series, plugging into the User Port.  It can program 2716 through to 27256 EPROMs with a Vpp of either 12.5 or 21V.
Acorn PROM Programmer Board

The Acorn PROM Programmer Board can program  DM74S571 PROMs (not Tesla) and 2758, 2516/2716, 2532 (single rail) EPROMs with a Vpp of 26V.  Requires an Acorn System computer.

I have written an improved version of the firmware (PROMER3) that also allows programming of DM74S287 PROMs as used on the Softy 1 Programmer.


A good budget programmer.  There are a number of variants (and copies ?), I have the TL866CS which can program e.g. 2732s, and with an adapter 2532s, with a Vpp of 10.0,12.5,13.5,14.0,16.0 or 21.0.   I have made an add-on adapter which enables programming with an external Vpp of 25V, TL866 Adapter.

Wellon Range

Wellon produce a range of programmers starting from around the £100 mark (UK Distributor is  I have the VP598 which can program 2732s, and with an adapter 2532s, with Vpp up to 21V

Softy 1 Programmer Softy 1 can program 3-rail TMS 2704, 2708 and 2716 EPROMs
Softy 2 Programmer The follow-on product from the Softy 1 with 2K of RAM but it can only program single rail EPROMs
Dataman S3 A battery powered programmer with 64K RAM which can program a good range of vintage devices, it can also emulate EPROM via its 24/28 pin emulator cable.  A range of plug-in adapters are available to support many other devices.  It is still well supported by the manufacturers:
Dataman S4 An upgraded version of the Dataman S3.  It is still well supported by the manufacturers:
Tesla PROM Programmer Board I have developed a variant of the Acorn PROM Programmer Board for Tesla PROMs, this can be used in conjunction with the original Acorn Board and is operated using my PROMER3 firmware..


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