The Softy 2

Softy 2

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The Softy 1 Manual covers not only the construction and operation of the device but includes sections on SC/MP programming, interfacing and program listings for adding a printer and a simple interpretative language.  It also includes a schematic though its not very easy to follow as most of the IC pins are unlabeled.



Softy 2 firmware is in a 2716 EPROM.  I have extracted and disassembled the code so that it can be reassembled using the SB-Assembler (

Character PROM (IC9)

The characters on the screen are created using fonts stored in a fusible link PROM (IC7), I have extracted the data from the PROM and also written a python program that displays the contents:  The contents are identical to the Softy 1 character PROM.

Memory Map


I have made a replica Softy 2 details of which can be found here:


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